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Print Media


2014    Houston Chronicle, Preview Section, "Material Matters," Molly Glentzer, January 

2014    Glasscock School News, "Learning to See Differently," Keri Bas, February

2013    Houston Modern Luxury

2013    Soul:  Artists at Work, Small Book, Janet Roe

2013    H-Town Art: A Study of Art and Artists, Madeleine Keogh


2013    Art Slant

2013    Jewish Herald-Voice, "Houston Painter Brings Us To The Edge," Aaron Howard, July 11

2013    Jewish Herald-Voice, "Casual Conversations With The Angel of Death" Aaron Howard, September 26

2012    Artists and Angiola Churchill-NYU Venice:  1974-2011, Catalog
2011    SkyLine, University of Houston Downtown, September 

2009    Jewish Herald-Voice, "Two Questions for Ellen Orseck," Aaron Howard
2008    Profile, Vol. 20 No. 2, Spring 2008, page 22
2007    Veritas Magazine, Megan Clark. Winter/Spring 2008, page 12
2007    002 Houston, Vol. 9, issue 106, Chris Dunn, October, Page 18
2007    Works in Progress, New York University, Masters in Studio Arts, Venice Program, Lorenza Smith, 
2007    Artshound, Glasstire, Spacetaker, b.s. HoustonArtBlog, Blog Reviews 
2007    Houston Press, Sean Carroll, October 9
2004    Amistad, Catalogue, Gus Kopriva, Museo de la Naciom, Lima, Peru, Page 30
2004     Magis Newspaper, March 2004, page 6, Exhibit Notice
2003     Art News, Review of exhibit curated, Catherine D. Anspon, September
2003     Jewish Herald-Voice, "Two Artists Look at Hotel Life," January 28, page 37
1981     Tulsa World, "Mom and Mural Made It," October 2

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